Top 10 Best Wall Mount Fan in India Under Rs.3000

Top 10 Best Wall Mount Fan in India Under Rs.3000 – Wall mounted fans can be a better option for smaller rooms, such as office cabins, studio spaces, kitchens etc. Their air delivery rate is very good, so this type of fan is also given a lot of choice. There are good wall mounted fans in the market from companies like Orient, Havells, Crompton etc. Usually these fans come in the range of Rs 1800-3000. Let us know about some good wall mounted fans

Top 5 Best Wall Mount Fan in India Under Rs.3000


1. AmazonBasics High Speed Wall Fan – 400 MM


Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Feel refreshed and cool all year long with AmazonBasics Wall Fan. The manufactured using aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep size of 400mm makes the wall fan a suitable choice for everyday cooling. The wall fan has an excellent cooling capacity with a maximum speed of 1350 rotations per minute (RPM) and a high air delivery rate of 65-75 cubic meters per minute (CMM).

You can use the wall fan with or without oscillation, and it cools a wide area smoothly with an automatic oscillation of 65% degree angle. To ensure safety from electric shock, fire hazard and stability, wall fans are laboratory tested in international laboratories against these stringent safety standards.

The 100% copper motor makes the wall fan durable and helps it work smoothly. The AmazonBasics Wall Fan has three angles of vertical tilt that allows you to adjust the fan single-handedly without needing to replace the screw. Its ergonomic design makes the wall fan easy to mount and safe to use due to the full coverage of the fan blades, thus providing a hassle free user experience.

The wall fan is easy to assemble and ideal to use any time of year to enjoy fresh, crisp air. Available in White colour, the Wall Fan operates on 55 watts of power and comes with a 1 year warranty to ensure quality standards and customer satisfaction.  LEARN MORE




2. Havells Platina 400mm Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India

Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Havells Platina Wall Mounted Fan is well designed for people who are prone to high voltage fluctuations. It comes with thermal overload protection, which helps protect the motor for better air quality. It has three aerodynamically designed blades ensuring maximum air delivery of 72 CMM.

The fan weighs 4.47 kg, which can fit into any wall. It comes with 1350 RPM, which provide adequate air cooling. It features easy pull cords and oscillation on-off to control the speed. These come with protection grille. It can be the ideal choice for office and home. Its noise level is also low. It consumes 50W of power.  LEARN MORE



3. Crompton High Flo Wave Wall Mounted Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Best Wall Mount Fan in India


The Crompton High Flow Wave Wall Mounted Fan is equipped with thermal over protection. It helps during voltage fluctuations. Also, it ensures that the motor lasts for a long time. Its beautiful design makes it an ideal choice for home and office.

It has a sweep size of 400 mm, which gives a maximum air delivery of 75 CMM. The weight of the fan is approx 3.4KG. Being very lightweight, it can be easily mounted on any wall. It comes with a maximum speed of 1300 RPM. Speed ​​can be controlled easily. It consumes 50 W of power.  LEARN MORE




4. Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Best Wall Mount Fan in India


The Orient Electric Wall-49 400mm Wall Fan is ideal for those with a large kitchen, hall or bedroom. It comes with the facility of remote control. This makes the fan easy to operate. Its aerodynamically designed blades provide superior airflow. The fan motor is protected by thermal overload protection. The weight of the fan is 4.05kg.

It is ideal to fit anywhere in the home, kitchen or bedroom. Orient Electric Wall-49 fan max speed is 1300 RPM, which can cover each side of the room. The fan can be controlled easily. It comes with a powder coated guard with a polymer ring for added protection. It has LED indicators. It consumes 58W of power.  LEARN MORE



5. iBELL BLADE WF1980 Premium Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Best Wall Mount Fan in India


The iBell Wall Fan helps you endure the rising summer temperatures. With a powerful motor, this fan keeps your home ventilated and cool. It also provides instant cooling. You can easily move this wall fan around your home and install it in any of your rooms.

5 speed Low noise motor with strong air throw .The fan with three wide blades increases the air flow in the room. The iBell fan produces jerk-free, uniform oscillation at all speeds. Designed for Indian weather conditions, the pedestal fan easily withstands voltage fluctuations. It sports a modern design which is further accentuated by the black shade. LEARN MORE



6. Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Bajaj Esteem Wall Fan comes with a high performance minus air cutting sound which helps in having a sound and nice sleep without disturbance.This fan has a copper motor installed which provides longevity and helps to maintain the performance throughout.

With a sweep size of 400 mm, Bajaj Esteem Wall Fan is by far the best choice for your homes. A higher sweep size helps cover a large area at high speed.It consumes less power when compared to other wall fans and helps in environment conservation.  LEARN MORE



7.  V-Guard Esfera SW 16 Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India

Best Wall Mount Fan in India

The V-Guard Esfera SW Wall Fan is well designed and is the perfect blend of elegance and performance. This fan has a strong and sturdy build that provides quality and durability to your product. Aerodynamically designed superior quality blades that provide uniform air distribution with oscillation function for a wider Area.

The stylish design and vibrant colors of this product will compliment your office and home decor. This wall fan comes with 40cm sweep size and 1350 RPM speed, delivers high performance even in low voltage. Low power consumption will help reduce your energy bills while keeping you cool and comfortable. LEARN MORE




8. Orient Electric Wall-47 Trendz 400mm High Speed Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Orient wall fans are programmed to deliver you the best in terms of service and money and are power-saving at the same time. Our range of wall fans are ergonomically designed with easy speed controls which let you regulate the wall fans easily.

The aerodynamic design of the Orient wall fans gives them an extra edge as they aid them in giving you the maximum speed with minimum noise. High speed wall fans can be used for both official and residential purposes.
Motor Protection through thermal overload protection device with auto resetting.Warranty: 2 Years on product and
Power is 110 watts. LEARN MORE



9. Havells Sameera 400mm Wall – Best Wall Mount Fan in India


Wall fans are undoubtedly the best due to the fact that they hardly enclose any space and provide optimum air-distribution. Whether it’s your office or home, a wall fan can definitely become your best cooling device without paying a high price.

Havells is a trusted brand amongst the consumers in India. And keeping that trust, the brand has come up with a wide range of wall fans that are suitable to be installed in homes and offices as well. A 3 speed fan with oscillation and tilt mechanism to direct air where it is needed, Pull cord for fan on/off and oscillation on/off. Rated Frequency 50 Hz. Aerodynamically designed and balanced blades and Warranty is 2 years . LEARN MORE



10. Luminous Speed Max 400MM High Speed Wall Fan – Best Wall Mount Fan in India



The fan has an attractive, body that enhances the look of your room. It has a powerful motor that delivers top-notch performance and consumes less power. Aerodynamically designed blades provide wide air flow. Sturdy metal body provides long lasting durability.

The fan has thermal overload protection,Knob mechanism for neck tilting and two Years Warranty. LEARN MORE




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