Reprogramming Your Subconscious Starts With Revisiting Your Shadow

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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Starts With Revisiting Your Shadow


One of the best ways to learn things is to listen to other people’s stories.


Usually, when you can actually feel someone’s feelings, the memory will stick.

One of the worst statements is, “People usually don’t remember what really happened, but they sure do remember how it made them feel.”

It just goes to show that feelings and emotions are the powers that live for our minds. Storytelling is a great way to learn from other people’s experiences, without actually experiencing them for yourself.

If you have done any kind of research on spirituality, you will find a pattern. Most deeply spiritual people have some kind of “dark” past, which they had to go through to reach the spiritual maturity they are now having.

This phase in people’s lives is called as many different things: facing shadows, a dark night of the soul, mirror work, shadow work, and the list goes on and on …

What we are getting at is that spirituality is not the same as all “love and light”, as everyone likes to think that it is, the actual work to be done to reveal the purpose of your real soul is.

What is the dark night of the soul?

You know those experiences that we don’t always take so much pride in sharing?

Maybe these repetitions are things that you never thought about yourself, tried to suppress them with your conscious experience.

Or, they may have influenced you so much that your response to certain situations in your present life stems from your subconscious behavior of the past.

Whatever it is, the dark night or shadow work of the soul that everyone unknowingly tries to avoid will bring it to light.

You see, this process is able to reveal the purpose of your true soul.


Without facing these burial experiences, which we will not talk about, how can you really know yourself?

A big factor about the expression that most people remember is that you have to take radical responsibility in your life to reveal where you currently are.

Without excessive accountability, you will never know what you need to know to stay at your full potential.

This is not an easy task. In fact, our brains are wired with fight or flight reactions, meaning that if your brain registers that there is any kind of danger ahead, you will be triggered to either fight against it or flee.

We are here to assure you that the growing pain you are experiencing on this spiritual path is not only completely necessary, but also universally and spiritually intentional.

How to get through the dark night of the soul and shine your light

We talked about the body’s natural response to shadow work: fight or flight.

So, to win this important part of your soul path, the first step is to adopt it consciously. This means that you must be fully aware and accept what you are about to dive into.

As we said earlier, this is not an easy task. And to make it more inviting, you don’t have one of these “Phoenix moments”, you will continue to experience them to get closer and closer to your higher self.

You do not discourage it.

Just remind yourself that as long as you have landed here in this realm, always work.

So, why wouldn’t you want to learn the easiest way to integrate shadow work into your life?

If your initial reaction to facing your own subconscious shadow is to fight back and cause chaos, then it is imperative that you do not dispel fear.

Again, this is not easy, but it is necessary. When we react with fear, we are more likely to try and destroy the relationships around us that are actually advocates of the path of our soul.

To avoid doing this, identify when you are working and try to find the trigger in the situation.

Why were you triggered?

Are you acting out of emotion?

Is the chaos that is actually aligning with your highest self?

These are the types of questions that can calm you down and give you a different perspective.

If your initial reaction is flight when you face your subconscious shadow yourself, then you have to work even if you don’t work out of fear.

This is not easy compared to the flight response given above, but it is also necessary. When we run away from something, we are more likely to sabotage the things in our life that we are trying so hard to reveal.

To avoid doing this, think about the big picture for a moment.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

Remember, is this not what you are asking?

Are you worthy of the life you are revealing?

These are some ideas that can challenge you when you find yourself running away from challenges.

Your soul knows what is best for you, do not fight against it!

Sometimes, as we are stepping into our real purpose, certain circumstances will come to us to help us hinder our next level of life.

There are people who will naturally try to go around the obstacle, sit in the same place, or even bulldoze through it, but neither of these approaches is the best way to meet the challenges. Is not.

As with anything, your power gets better over time as you face more and more obstacles through life, you will be able to get more and more comfortable jumping on them in the right way.

Knowing some things about yourself, such as your natural talent and areas of opportunity, can make your “training” so much easier.

Whether you are ready to reveal the life your soul is suffering or you find yourself facing shadow work, knowing about your soul path will reveal a lot about you, in which you How to handle


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You will be surprised that your soul is more equipped than you ever would have anticipated.

The question is, are you ready to work to reveal the life you really want?

What do you have to lose


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Reprogramming Your Subconscious Starts With Revisiting Your Shadow

Soul Manifestation Review

Have you ever been completely enraged, then listen to a certain song and feel so much more at ease?

Or have you ever been simply driving and a song comes on that evokes a memory that brings tears to your eyes?

Have you ever tried listening to “sleep music” on your favorite streaming app and instantly slept like a baby?

What I’m getting at is the fact that your brain literally reacts to sound and vibration in so many ways.

The brain is the control center for your body and mind. When you’re trying to implement long-term changes in your life you must address the captain of the ship!

There are far too many times where people try to change their lives on so many different levels and cannot make those changes stick. That’s because they aren’t taking a comprehensive approach.

Soul Manifestation 2.0 is a program that does just that: takes a holistic approach to manifesting your soul’s purpose utilizing spiritual insight, scientific facts, and provides tangible tools and resources for you to use. If you’re tired of waking up and proclaiming that “today is the day” that that big change is going to happen and actually do it, this is the program for you.

Have you ever tried to implement a morning routine, but it only lasts about three days realistically?

Once, I was really committed and I made it two weeks, but it still didn’t stick.

Well, first I must say that I needed a morning routine because I didn’t have enough time in the day to dedicate to my personal development growth. So understandably, I tried to carve some out before the crack of dawn to give myself time before my busy day started.

It was a great sentiment, but as soon as my subconscious behaviors started kicking back in, I was back to snoozing my alarm and buzzing throughout my day without meeting my personal and spiritual goals.

There were two problems present:

I was overwhelmed and didn’t have time to even think about the life that I really wanted to create. The mere thought of manifesting had me exhausted.
My subconscious reigned champion over my life rather than my true, soulfully-connected conscious mind.
I continued this way until I just couldn’t take it anymore….

Then one day when I was reaching my breaking point, I came across an amazing program that I confidently say has changed my life for the better.

This program is called Soul Manifestation 2.0!

What’s Inside Soul Manifestation 2.0:

When I first came across this program, I couldn’t believe how much information was being shared with me. The amount of tangible, real tools included was mind-blowing:


Easily, most of those bonus tools could retail for over $40-$50 each, and they’re all included in this magical program for free.

You’re probably still wondering if a program like this will work for you…

And… you’re probably wondering if it’ll really change your life for the long-term….

Does Using Soul Manifestation 2.0 Actually Work?

If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be mentioning it!

Yes, of course it works!


Reprogramming Your Subconscious Starts With Revisiting Your Shadow


Specifically, here’s exactly how using the Soul Manifestation 2.0 program will deliver the life-changing results that you’ve always wanted:

  • Addresses Three of Your most Contemplated Areas of Life (Love, Material Abundance, and Health): We’ve all been in the place in our lives where we’re satisfied in one area and lacking in another.It’s apparent that the creators of this program want people to experience all that life has to offer by addressing the most important areas of our lives so that we can all live in our highest potential.
  • Inner Child Work: As mentioned above, a lot of our initial reactions to things stem from learned behaviors from past experiences. Many of these can be from our childhood, especially the areas of lack that we might have experienced in our childhood or childhood trauma. Addressing inner child work in this program is a critical piece of the puzzle when trying to manifest the life that your soul truly desires.
  • Shadow Work: As much as we would all love for the program to solely focus on the best aspects of ourselves, the Soul Manifestation 2.0 program doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, rather it shares with you what you need to hear.You know that you have some shadow work to do and avoiding it is only going to prolong your awaited success! But… this program makes it almost effortless!
  • A Scientifically-Supported Approach: More than 40,000 studies on brain-reprogramming have been conducted and over 13,000 of them focus on how meditation and frequency can remove trauma programming solely using vibrational music.This program focuses on using Alpha and Theta waves to rewire the way that your brain thinks about your deepest, most wanted soul desires.
  • Based On The Creator’s Personal Experience: Both Aurora and Amber, the founders of Soul Manifestation 2.0 have personally gone through their own soul awakenings individually! Both of them have dedicated over seven years of their lives to developing programs that will help people change their lives for the better not only quickly, but permanently.
  • Easy to Use and Implement: the Soul Manifestation 2.0 program only takes place over the course of three weeks, less than a month!Not only does it include a very easy-to-read Personalized Soul Path Report, but it only requires that you dedicate 10-minutes a day to listening to your vibrational guided meditation to start implementing huge changes in your life.
  • More Success Stories Than You Can Count: If you tried to read through every success story that Aurora and Amber have compiled, you’d be reading for days! There have been experiences where people literally go from living check to check to manifesting their dream house and a happy partner along with it! Others are less stressed, more passionate about their life path, and healthier than ever before.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Although the program is only three weeks long, Aurora and Amber have added a 60-day money-back guarantee for Soul Manifestation 2.0 because they are that confident that it will change lives.
    You can go through the program twice before you decide that it just isn’t for you (although I know you won’t)! So… how can Soul Manifestation make that lasting change that you’ve been really wanting to stick?

How Does the Soul Manifestation 2.0 Program Catalyze the Major Changes That Are So Impossible to Make On Your Own?

As I mentioned above, it seems almost impossible to implement long-lasting changes once you reach a certain age.

In fact, there’s scientific proof that it is harder because children are more attuned to “theta wave frequency” than adults are (you’ll learn all about this in the program).

Basically, once you become a certain age, your brain has accepted certain behaviors and stored them in your subconscious. Even when you try your hardest, they still seem to pop out and drag you back down to where you don’t wish to be any longer. Alpha and Theta frequencies unlock those “stuck” patterns in your brain. When you pair learning about your Personalized Soul Path Report with learning to master visualization and manifestation, you’re on your way to creating the life that you truly soul is yearning for.

Should You Buy The Personalized Soul Path Report?

Why wouldn’t you?!

Think of how many times you’ve woken up one morning and decided, THIS IS THE DAY that you do that one thing that you’ve always wanted to do.

Or start that online business…

Or stop being too shy to introduce yourself to other people that you know would make a great friend or romantic partner…

Or be able to book those vacation plane tickets because your bank account is just overflowing with abundance…

If you’re ready to change your life for the better and truly unlock your soul’s highest potential, then purchasing the Soul Manifestation 2.0 program is the best possible thing that you could do for yourself.

The price is unbelievably low, even including all five bonuses!

Just a reminder, it’s 100% guaranteed! With a 60-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose…

Don’t wake up another day and run on auto-pilot, running on your self-sabotaging subconscious and running out of time.

Take back control of your life now!


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